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Jul 18, 2008 2 Comments

frozen lemonade, 5×7in, acrylic on panel

a friend put it best – "the weather's been hell on my lawn, but it's perfect for (getting out on) my motorcycle." (amen, and thanks, dave)

today i'll be cruisin down to the charlestown gallery to drop off this frozen lemonade commission. (in the area this weekend? it's also the 30th annual hot air balloon festival – which also apparently features pig races.)

earlier this week it mean a trip down to judge the 10th annual little compton art show with nancy-gaucher thomas and whitmore boogaerts. (festival is this weekend – great reason to stop in at evelyn's.)

cannoli, 4×6in, acrylic on panel

tomorrow, it'll mean a trip to the Hill, where we got the reference for this chocolate-chip covered cannoli. if ya need an excuse besides the al fresco dining, Giuliano Bugialli will be up at Venda on saturday (spend $10 and you'll get a copy of his foods of sicily and sardinia…ciao!)


Jeanne    Jul 18, 2008  at  6:49 pm

the Del’s makes me want to drive up, beautiful Shawn!!!

Kelley MacDonald    Jul 18, 2008  at  7:18 pm

Love the Frozen Lemonade especially! I can’t wait to see the show you judged at Little Compton!







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