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Aug 09, 2009 0 Comments

margarita, 8in x 10in, acrylic on panel
(image courtesy powers gallery)

This margarita's for mom. it's been a ridiculously trying summer and all of the thoughts sent out to the family are greatly appreciated. thank you.

quick studio update-

the margarita, this pina colada and a buncha new smaller food works are currently in the "summer with a twist" group show at the powers gallery.

pina colada, 8in x 10in, acrylic on panel
(image courtesy powers gallery)

2 small food paintings were featured in a gorgeous kitchen spread this past june in RI Monthly magazine. love seeing 'em at home.

(image courtesy RI Monthly

just weeks away from my solo show at the Charlestown Gallery – postcards are out (image here) – next post will have more about it, but for now:

a shout out to scott for getting this blog back online. your well-timed visit to the studio helped pull the works out of the figurative fire. sometime the best medicine is a blunt WTF from an old friend – even better if that friend's been along since the skinny & charcoal-covered collge days, when "having a voice and showing in galleries someday" seemed more like crazy conversational byproduct of an allnighter than future probability. MUCHAS GRACIAS, hermano.








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