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May 15, 2008 4 Comments
quick Ides of May update – 10 reasons to toast.

1. finally completed this champagne bottle. some births are difficult, and this one – slated for the food…glorious food show in december, has been giving me pains for a while now.

champagne, 7×12in, acrylic on panel (click image for detail)

2. we've been invited to show in a Portland, Maine gallery starting in june.

3. accepted an offer for a solo show at a fantastic vineyard this sept/oct, during harvest. (details soon on both soon – along with some other gallery happenings)

4. just dropped off this martini, commissioned as a gift from the folks at Powers Gallery to another artist in their stable on his 90th birthday. had a great day in next-door Concord, Mass.

martini(detail), 5×7in, acrylic on panel

5. can't confirm the final tally just yet, but last i'd heard milkbone piece (new pics here) at the RISD museum benefit had a bid of $400 on it.

6. thanks mostly to the efforts of my studiomates, the open studio was a hit (photo below: 'gallery wing', just before my camera ran out of batteries for the day)

7. my work made a cameo in the Macolm Grear exhibit at RICs Bannister Gallery last month – drawings i'd done as a pup for the olympic medal campaign back in 95!

8. shipped boxes of food notecards up to Montpelier, VT, where our friends Josh & Jess just opened Capital Kitchen

9. In Prov, it's gallery night tonight. if nothing else, go see Dean Richardson's work at the Providence Art Club before it comes down this weekend.

10. free iced coffee at participating dunks today. nuff said.

iced coffee 2007, 8×10in, acrylic on panel -sold-


Scott    May 15, 2008  at  6:50 pm

Good causes indeed. I’ll see you in Maine.

Jeff M    May 15, 2008  at  10:20 pm

“Martini” and “Iced Coffee” are just beautiful. Wonderful lost edges and an amazing sense of light.

Mike Burke    May 17, 2008  at  6:22 am

Keep sending the emails…we LOVE your paintings! Wish we were close enough to see them “in the flesh,” but we’re in California.
Mike and Dianne

Kelley MacDonald    May 20, 2008  at  12:52 am

Sounds like the ShawnKenney plane is really taking off! Good for you… very well deserved! I want a martini now… see what you’ve started! Congratulations and best wishes for success in all these shows – the champagne bottle is amazing!







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