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Dec 05, 2008 7 Comments

vanilla extract, bubble gum, ea 3.5in—3.5in, acrylic on panel

Little Pictures at the Providence Art Club saw the debut of the new bite-sized food paintings i've been working on.

the reception was great – someone remarked, "i'm enjoying that your paintings are getting looser and more expressive, especially at that small scale." couldn't ask for a better comment on my work. (well, that, and this.)

hunt and peck, 18in—36in, acrylic on canvas
(image courtesy charlestown gallery)

the chickens feel just as loose at 10x the scale. they're among the works that will be on display this saturday at Charlestown Gallery's Hoiday Show. (They're also the only gallery outside of my studio that currently carries the large food paintings.)

More Rhody Holiday show info:

my Holiday Studio Sale is tomorrow Dec 6th – Bulls, food paintings large & small, and some new nocturnes. for hrs and a sneak preview, click here

Little Pictures Providence art club hrs and directions click here.

Last but certainly not least – finally pleased to announce that Dryden Gallery (aka Prov Picture Frame) is carrying work. They've been behind me since Sale no 1 a few years back and will be my home base in providence going forward. Just stocked em with a selection of bulls, food paintings and new charcoals. Great folks, top-notch framing, and, maybe best of all, are part of the expansion of Will Paint for Food.


goresy    Dec 05, 2008  at  7:33 pm

ooh, those lil guys are 2 of the bestest ever. i like the no floatation framing too.

Scott    Dec 05, 2008  at  10:05 pm

Damn. Who would have ever thought a piece of gum would shimmer almost spiritually?


Scott    Dec 06, 2008  at  1:35 am

Hey Shawn, didn’t know you were at Prov Picture Frame. I used to work there. Tell the ladies and Joe I said hi. Not sure if they will actually remember me without seeing my face.


Reene    Dec 08, 2008  at  4:31 am

Thank you Shawn for a great time this weekend, enjoyed the show and was so proud to know you! Love to Peg also! Got to see these in person they are wonderful!

Kelley MacDonald    Dec 27, 2008  at  9:07 pm

OH I definitely will get over to PPF – yes, a wonderful place, a wonderful staff – and… how could you leave out Elvis?!!! Your work looks great, and I just love the chickens! Happy Holidays, Shawn!

Dan Corey    Jan 29, 2009  at  5:02 am

Hi Shawn, I don’t know if you are who I’m thinking you might be, but I’ll shoot and if I’m wrong let me know. Did you by chance a few years ago while attending NSCA let a tall guy named Dan at the easel to your right (thats me ) borrow a book of Suerat’s drawings and bring the class to the Degas and friends exhibit at the RISD museum? if your not him, sorry, if you are Great , and either way Great work!


jacqueline    May 16, 2011  at  5:19 am

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