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Aug 12, 2009 0 Comments

cherries, 6in x 6in, acrylic on panel
(image courtesy powers gallery)

berries, 4in x 6in, acrylic on panel
(image courtesy powers gallery)

Aug 09, 2009 0 Comments

margarita, 8in x 10in, acrylic on panel
(image courtesy powers gallery)

This margarita's for mom. it's been a ridiculously trying summer and all of the thoughts sent out to the family are greatly appreciated. thank you.

quick studio update-

the margarita, this pina colada and a buncha new smaller food works are currently in the "summer with a twist" group show at the powers gallery.


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Apr 01, 2009 8 Comments
4 crazy months since my last blog post…hard to know even where to begin so i'm jumping in with the latest…

first up -

The RI Commission on Women invited me to show the food paintings for an event in conjunction with the RI Community Food Bank's Women Ending Hunger Program.

it's my first solo show in a large space – the atrium gallery in providence's capitol hill/state...

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Dec 05, 2008 7 Comments

vanilla extract, bubble gum, ea 3.5in—3.5in, acrylic on panel

Little Pictures at the Providence Art Club saw the debut of the new bite-sized food paintings i've been working on.

the reception was great – someone remarked, "i'm enjoying that your paintings are getting looser and more expressive, especially at that small scale." couldn't ask for a better comment on my work....

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Oct 31, 2008 1 Comment
Halloween is here, bringing a bone-chilling 31 degrees to New England this morning, along with ghosts and vampires and werewolves and, of course, candy corn.

candy corn, 4×6in, acrylic on panel -available-

this year's also brought another volume in
AUTHOR Gregory Maguire's delicious Wicked Cycle – great way to (temporarily) escape a news season filled with stories of a...

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