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Feb 11, 2008 6 Comments
our first local showing of the year is now on the walls at at Chez Pascal – a cozy, neighborhood restaurant on providence's East Side. (sounds french, but think fresh/local/seasonal like icons Gramercy Tavern & Chez Panisse.)

it's a bit of a surprise – chef/owner matt gennuso and i just celebrated an informal 5th anniversary of a conversation that runs something like "hey matt, when are...

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Feb 06, 2008 1 Comment

many thanks again to friends – old and new – for the fine 2 year run in our space at #108. almost forgot to take a picture of the final night last week.

compared to the warmth (& wine) during the last hurrah, it's a little bittersweet to see my former studio looking like…well…the aftermath of mardi gras (without the broken beads and puke.)

the firecracker pop (summer mix, above)...

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Feb 02, 2008 3 Comments

bagel, knife, 4×6in, acrylic on panel -sold-

sometimes i see just how far i can push the lighting – to see if i can make something read well, even as it just appears out of the murk.

baked beans, 4×6in, acrylic on panel -sold-

usually, i'm imagining the way a Caravaggio or Rembrandt might have been illuminated a few centuries ago.

ice cream, 6×6in, acrylic on panel -sold-
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Jan 26, 2008 2 Comments

iced coffee, 8×10in, acrylic on panel -sold-

iced coffee in winter may sound strange, but in new england but it's a year-round craving. (and more likely seen in a cup with a hot pink and orange logo.)

i'm still playing catchup a bit – all last week i was introducing life drawing to high school students here.

and…we're taking inventory on works that are just coming back from December...

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Jan 15, 2008 4 Comments

dog bone, 4×6in, acrylic on panel

while the year ended with a bang – rafts of work going out to the door to meet gallery commitments , last minute commissions – 2008 started out with a whimper.

I'd hoped to use the last week of december downtime to catch up on the blog – made a list, planned a proper New Year's post/recap – HECK, even started the work below – but instead got...

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