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Sep 17, 2008 1 Comment
…or what i did on my summer vacation.

we're celebrating our 3rd annual Open Studio this weekend. (has it really been that long? as Chazz Michael Michaels sez, it's mind-bottling.) if you're interested in coming out, we'd love to see ya – info's at the bottom of the post.

end-of-summer recap:

FINALLY ventured into making dining room-sized works – the 24×24″ pieces below were among...

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Aug 01, 2008 14 Comments

Newsflash #1 – Rhode Island Monthly's annual "best of" issue hits the streets this week, & the food paintings are included as a 2008 Editors' Pick. i'm blown away – and speechless. the link to the complete writeup is here.

Newsflash #2 – for the first time in….ohh…3 years, maybe? there are some new bull paintings available – just in the nick of time for the flora & fauna opening...

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Jul 18, 2008 2 Comments

frozen lemonade, 5×7in, acrylic on panel

a friend put it best – "the weather's been hell on my lawn, but it's perfect for (getting out on) my motorcycle." (amen, and thanks, dave)

today i'll be cruisin down to the charlestown gallery to drop off this frozen lemonade commission. (in the area this weekend? it's also the 30th annual hot air balloon festival – which also apparently...

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Jul 10, 2008 7 Comments

squeeze bottles, 8×8in, acrylic on panel

it's finally Hot – true summer HOT. it's also All-Star break, and a buncha Sox are off to Yankee Stadium this week. pick your excuse – either way, it's perfect time for a cold one and a coupla dogs (or is it the other way around?)

lager bottle, 5×12in, acrylic on panel -sold- thx, joe!

nother local boy heading to the game is brian fox...

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Jun 04, 2008 1 Comment

fruit tartlet, 4×6in, acrylic on panel

these 3 studies in red are…uhh…fresh off the vine. well, freshly varnished.

i'm still fightin reds – and, armed with a lighter touch & a more vibrant palette, i lost the first few rounds to the cartoonish colors of the tartlet, the soft velvet of the raspberry cake, and the deep deep gloss of the berry.

mini raspberry cake, 4×6in,...

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