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Jul 09, 2007 3 Comments

strawberries, 4×6, acrylic on panel

still battling the reds – this time i tried to concentrate deep blue-red of almost overripe strawberries against the lighter warmth of the butcher block – with the hope that the berries glow. the last attempt's here.

thought on painting:

In the NY Times book review this weekend, novelist Haruki Murakami wrote about the influence of jazz on his work. The passage below could just as easliy refer to painting:

One of my all-time favorite jazz pianists is Thelonious Monk. Once, when someone asked him how he managed to get a certain special sound out of the piano, Monk pointed to the keyboard and said: “It can’t be any new note. When you look at the keyboard, all the notes are there already. But if you mean a note enough, it will sound different. You got to pick the notes you really mean!”

I often recall these words when I am writing, and I think to myself, “It’s true. There aren’t any new words. Our job is to give new meanings and special overtones to absolutely ordinary words.” I find the thought reassuring. It means that vast, unknown stretches still lie before us, fertile territories just waiting for us to cultivate them.


james    Jul 10, 2007  at  1:55 am

That is completely, precisely it….

just so happens jazz is a damn fine thing to paint to also,

from monk to tortoise to mingus to mmw…they almost go hand in hand…

Dave    Jul 10, 2007  at  5:19 pm

No need to say they were almost overripe. You can see it at first glance.
Nicely done!

shawn    Jul 10, 2007  at  9:51 pm

thanks guys -

great soundtrack, james – love ‘em all, and would add: bird, django, miles, coltrane, billie, & nina simone to the top o that list. check out galactic if you like mmw-

dave – a neigbor brought em over from a local farm – what a treat!







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