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Sep 20, 2007 5 Comments

FINALLY getting around to the open studio recap – many thanks again if you chose to come by to wilt with us on what was prob'ly the last real beach weekend of the year – esp. if you drove down from boston or up from south county!

In spite of the heat, the response to all the new work was fantastic. Sliced tomato was one of the newer (slightly larger) formats i'd been saving for the event.

sliced tomato, 7×12in, acrylic on panel sold

A personal highlight – a visit from former professor (and mentor) Thomas Sgouros. His work, and words, have been a tremendous gentle influence on countless RISD grads – including Caldecott Medal winners David Macaulay, Chris Van Allsburg, and David Wiesner.
(the latter 2 will be at the RI Festival of Children's Books in a few weeks – link here.)

thank you!



Jeanne    Sep 21, 2007  at  4:27 am

congratulations on a wonderful show,,

Winn & Susan    Sep 21, 2007  at  2:42 pm

Enjoyed your open studio show immensely, and now we have the unique pleasure of being able to digest your luscious tomatoes each day…and they never go away!

shawn    Sep 29, 2007  at  12:10 am

W&S -
it’s an honor when someone decides that they like a piece enough to take it home – even more to hear that it’s being enjoyed – thanks again!

mike    Oct 11, 2007  at  10:13 am

Shawn . . .It is late at nite here on the west coast . . .I felt an electric shock go through me as I caught sight of you and Tom Sgouros at your open studio. What a guy he is!! I met and spent a few days with him in Yosemite around 10 years ago. My life hasn’t been the same since!!!

Love your work. And see that you went to a ton of work for open studio just like I am right now in California. Great stuff on your blog! I’ll be checkin’ back!

shawn    Oct 24, 2007  at  3:19 am

hey mike! shouldnt be a surprise – he’s influenced a lot of people – but it was still a total shock to hear from someone else with a debt to tom. thanks for the gift –
best wishes on your open studio -







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