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Apr 16, 2007 5 Comments

Thank you for the outpouring of support this weekend! We got a lot of great emails from wellwishers afar, saw some old friends and new faces at the gallery on sunday, and – to ice the cake, we sold work – I feel tremendously fortunate.

If the wind and rain were just too much, you're in luck – the gallery has extended hours (5-9pm) this thursday (Apr 19th) as part of the kickoff of gallery night's 11th season!
More show info – hrs and directions – can be found on the sidebar to the right.

As promised, some images of the newer works below. I'll have some new food studies up in a day or 2. Thanks again!

Daysleeper 22×30″ (click on all images to enlarge)

Dozing 16×20″

Brawlers 16×20″

Marshal 15×20″

Nightswimming 19×22″

**new photos added 04/19**


josh    Apr 16, 2007  at  9:16 pm

awesome stuff… wish I could have made it. Rooster showdown (Brawlers) is fantastic.

brian fox    Apr 16, 2007  at  9:21 pm

Great show!!! Congratulations!!!

Jeanne Stark    Apr 17, 2007  at  10:53 am

Nightswimming says it all for me. Wonderfully evocative.

Sadie    Apr 18, 2007  at  9:15 am

I love the drawings, they are so substantial, they definitely have as strong a presence as a painting. I especially like Nightswimming, it has an almost abstract quality. Your handling of the charcoal in all of them is inspiring.

lisa    Apr 18, 2007  at  7:11 pm

the show was inspiring! Just to reiterate … the narritive quality to both the farm and the Andy drawings is quite remarkable. I may not know the words of the story they are telling but the tale has a presence nonetheless
I look forward to more chapters.







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