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May 31, 2007 4 Comments

pizza slice, 8×10in, acrylic

i was surprised at some of the questions the slice (up at the risd/works show) provoked.

"where's it from?"

"is it supposed to be some sort of commentary?" (i guess the question meant, taking everyday items and putting them in a seemingly classical/formal setting.)

Fellini pizzeria (everyone says fellini's) was the source. in the olden days they were a quick fix after class AND (if you needed a sugar rush to fuel up for an allnighter) served a killer banana shake in their funky lounge.

providence has a TON of great pizza options to pick from (and, chances are, you've got a favorite place to grab a slice depending on what you grew up on or what style you like…but that's another conversation)

in this case, i just popped in after stocking up on supplies at utrecht. no commentary – just late lunch.


audrey    Jun 01, 2007  at  4:23 am

Mamma Mia Shawn!

banana shake with your pepperoni pizza !!! that IS a killer !!!

poor Michelangelo must be turning over in his tomb !!!

shawn    Jun 01, 2007  at  4:59 pm

UGGH! hahaha….sorry audrey, i meant on different visits! (although a high school student would probably make ‘em a meal)

stacy    Jun 08, 2007  at  7:53 pm

my favorite pizza in providence is gourmet on hope street! while it isn’t greasy-sinful-slice pizza, it is fantastic. i just tried the bbq chicken recently and it was heaven.

shawn    Jun 12, 2007  at  5:47 pm

stacy – 2 more to add to your ‘must sample’ list: they’re not the traditional round pies, but bob&timmy;‘s and al forno both make terriffic wood grilled pizzas.







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