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Dec 13, 2007 2 Comments

peanut butter, 8×8in, acrylic on panel

when the flinn gallery approached me for the food…glorious food show, they basically (in so many words) said "we've got plenty of fruits & veggies, we want the other stuff."

the tricky part about the other stuff – packaged goods like these pb&j jars – is that they're immediately recognizable. there's room for a bit of 'artistic' leeway in the funky organic forms of peppers and the like – but here, if any of the familiar colors or shapes are off, the finished works look odd.

jelly jar, 8×8in, acrylic on panel

still – for me the food paintings are, above all, about creating a believable space, not about photographic reproduction.

so, when i approach this type of subject, it's not about getting the labels exact – it's about getting them close enough that, in the words of my former professor Barry Moser, "they don't interrupt the viewer's fictional dream."


Jason Waskey    Dec 17, 2007  at  10:35 am

Great observation about the inherent recognizability of commercial objects. I ran into something similar when painting some coins– the necessity for the proportions to be correct (the size of a quarter versus a dime, and so on) was stronger than even a figurative/portrait piece…

These are as per usual, great paintings, Shawn. Best of luck in the show!

Oh… and I love the quote by Barry Moser!

Don Gray    Jan 09, 2008  at  12:55 pm

Really fine work, Shawn. I really enjoy your expressive handling of acrylic and great color sense. It is clear you paint with honesty and commitment.







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