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Aug 24, 2009 4 Comments

moon maiden, 30in x 30in

quick shout out to everyone for the great turnout last night! gonna post some better in-show photos a bit later but wanted to get these up – here's some point-and-shoot shots taken as we were closin the joint…

(click on images to enlarge)

love hearing what people are drawn to – one of the sleepers, the rough unframed charcoal (above, lower left and below, enlarged) was far and away the one mentioned most by painters…maybe not surprisingly, that group were the ones to pick up on the ryder and rothko influences lurking beneath the hopper/wyeth/rembrandt patina…

started framing the some of the larger food works in traditional gold and silver. bit of a break from the clean black or blonde wood used exclusively over the past few years, but the response was overwhelmingly positive-

evening shower, 30in x 40in

mr jif is going home as a kitchen companion to the fluff featured in the August issue of American Art collector – 3 of the 4 works in the magazine had red dots.

peanut butter, 20in x 24in

we ended the late night full of wine and great food (homemade lobsta mac!) watching the huge storm surge break on charlestown beach under the distant glow of block island.

thank you all – couldnt've pulled it together without amazing support from family and friends. doubleextra thankyou to gallery owners gilly and renee, for saintly patience and faith. it pulled me thru when the show was looking like it might not happen. thanks guys!

this show's for you, mom-


sandra galda    Aug 27, 2009  at  4:59 pm

So glad to see you posting again…I was visiting every now and then hoping you would resume your blogging. I love your loose style. Great work!!!

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson    Aug 29, 2009  at  7:56 am

OK Shawn, I am LOVING these nocturn cows and roosters! Right up my alley. Can you believe we are both from New England and painting farm animals? Your lighting is amazingly beautiful! I was so drawn to the fluff in American Art Collector, it was my favorite piece in the while issue. Thanks for contacting me back!!

helen tory    Oct 23, 2009  at  4:12 pm

Hi Shawn, Your work looks fabulous. I love the light you get. The sheep is particularly wonderful to me – you know my love of them. Well done. I hope you do really well with the show. Sorry I won’t make it, but we’re off to England. Good luck, Helen


garden lighting    May 08, 2011  at  7:21 am

really impressive work shawn, love the whole mood and lighting of the cow picture, brilliant






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