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Oct 26, 2007 0 Comments

Ghost House (study), 10×10in, acrylic on panel

orion is just now visible in the midnight hour. the air's filled with witches, ghosts & graveyards – it wasn't tough to get inspired by the season. (though because of the dark & muted tones, it was tough to get a good photo of the works.)

One A.M.(study), 10×10in, acrylic on panel

these are an initial stab at merging the imagined charcoals with the still life paintings & a very hopeful sign of larger works to come.

they're also part of the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative's 10×10x10 show, which opens this sunday & features more than 50 artists riffing on the theme. reception & lecture are thurs Nov 8 – all the info's here.

In Boston, or lookin for a reason to go? RISD grad/animator/great guy Dan Sousa will be unveiling a new film as part of the New England Animation program at the spankin new ICA this sunday, Oct 28, at 3pm.








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