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Jun 13, 2007 4 Comments

tabsaco II, 4×6in, acrylic -sold-

Our prints raised over $700 to help end childhood hunger at last night's Share Our Strength event at Gracie's. fantastic food and a great chance to connect with some great people. many thanks again to everyone involved – esp. the Dryden galleries (more again on them soon) and iolabs for making the artwork look fantastic.

risd/works show is wrapping up next week. when i started the studies last summer, i was just hoping to get my chops back – never expecting the work to be received so well – or that the project would continue to grow in surprising ways. (This bottle of hot sauce was one of the first attempts.)

the hot sauce study above is now down at the charlestown gallery, along with a selection of other works, for the summer. gonna be representin' in providence, too – stay tuned.

Charlestown Gallery
2183 Matunuck Schoolhouse Rd
Charlestown, RI
Phone: (401) 364-0120


lisa    Jun 13, 2007  at  6:17 pm

Its really interesting to see the development in your work over the course of the year, these revisits really show the difference that time can make. You seem to be capturing the solidity of the glass more effectively and yet somehow these seem more effortless than the first paintings.
A fine illusion indeed!
Congrats on the Share Our Strength event too!

audrey    Jun 13, 2007  at  6:21 pm

Your work is looking great, Shawn. You’re an inspiration!

Sheila Vaughan    Jun 13, 2007  at  11:05 pm

Shawn, the mustard and the Tabasco painting are superb. You make the acrylics sing, you really do.

shawn    Jun 15, 2007  at  9:08 am

thanks ladies- after a bit of a break, it feels like i’m limerbering up again.

lisa: remember, you imparted the kaizen way.

audrey: all that rock-moving we did in dana’s atelier was a great foundation to build from!

sheila: thx again for your UK comments. these bottles are a great reminder to save the brightest/pureest whites til the end so they really pop.







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