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Sep 26, 2007 6 Comments

Moonrise (study), 18 x 22in, Charcoal sold

Come a little bit closer/Hear what I have to say/Just like children sleepin/We could dream this night away.
But theres a full moon risin/Lets go dancin in the light/We know where the musics playin/Lets go out and feel the night.

Thanks, Neil. tonight's the Harvest Moon.

the study above was part of a show at the Providence Art Club earlier this year, one of many that will eventually become a series of paintings.

This calendar page is one of my earliest influences ('77, not yet 6, just before the tidal wave of Star Wars.) Every night, staring at glowing image on the wall above my bed, I dreamed of climbing inside and getting lost.

And still do. The charcoals (including Moonrise) are an attempt to create that place.

What about the food paintings?

They might not seem connected, little food studies have been a way back into being able to make that place with paint, when in the past i've only felt confident with charcoal.

Right…how do ya end a post about the Harvest Moon, charcoal cows, Neil Young, and some pets going to the moon in a rocket? with a Mark Rothko quote, of course -

"They are not pictures. I have made a place"


derek    Sep 26, 2007  at  6:45 pm

and such a worthy pursuit. reminds me of “i don’t want to make pictures of stuff, i want to make stuff.”

great, great stuff. the folks who have bought in are fortunate to have a piece of your journey.

Reene    Sep 27, 2007  at  1:59 am

Shawn, I love this, I think it is the other side of the same ranch I have hanging on my wall!!!
Keep up the beautiful work!

Ginni    Sep 27, 2007  at  8:16 am

Of course it is sold! Shawn, It is beautiful — I love all you work but this was a surprise. It is giving “Blueberries” serious competition for my favorite. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Congratulations on September success. Love,G

shawn    Sep 28, 2007  at  11:51 pm

thx derek – glad you’ve been along to share it sine the beginnin’

R – it def. part of that same universe…slowly but surely the story’s coming together. might take a few years but i’ll get there, and keep you posted.

G – we’re both surprised! thx for stopping by! it’s a treat to hear from you both-

Paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci    Nov 02, 2007  at  6:09 am

I had a little bit interest in paintings but i write a blog post on my blog by named in the comment, when i see your blog and paintings i really like the paintings and these are really good and change my thinkings about the paintings. Your paintings make me regular viewer of your blog. So, keep it up!

Thanks for sharing these with us….

shawn    Nov 07, 2007  at  6:45 pm

glad the paintings were inspiring! leonardo’s ‘lady with an ermine’ is without a doubt the most refined painting ever – one of my alltime favorites.







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