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Mar 20, 2007 2 Comments

wine key, 4×6″ acrylic, available

Been asked about the recent change in vantage points – the fork, chef's knife, and now the wine key.

They've been on my 'to do' shelf for a while…but the existing shadow box setup (photo here) just wasn't working. So I rigged up the cutting board at a slight angle, attached a dimmer to the light source…and tried to adjust accordingly with the hopes that they don't all appear to be sliding off the table.

The board becomes a sorta blank canvas – and while not quite the luminous Caravaggio/Rembrandt look I love, it's growing on me.


Jason    Mar 20, 2007  at  4:48 pm

Hmmm, Guinness, Wine Key? Maybe the name should change to Will DRINK for food? Seriously, such a great idea and the work seems to be getting tighter every new piece!

shawn    Mar 21, 2007  at  9:19 pm

Thanks, jason – i feel like i’ve been on a roll lately…but as a painter you know how quickly that feeling can change.
As far as the wine and beer…guess secret’s out on how i spend my time after a day in studio!







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