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Apr 20, 2007 3 Comments

tomato III, 4×6″, acrylic

There's something a little wrong about a tomato like this showing up at a grocery store right now…but maybe that's just the Jersey in me. needless to say, it caught my eye – and did come from a great local market.

More updates: added photos the 'Show Opening' post. Also added the lemon piece to the ebay lineup.

Last but not least – i've been working larger studies for an upcoming show – more to come on that soon. for now, here's a look at my setup and an 8×10″ work in progress – apologies for the poor color balance in the photo.


james    Apr 20, 2007  at  5:33 pm

haven’t had a steak in months…now the craving kicks in……

how on earth do you keep your palette from dryin’ out using acrylics?/

Cara Dawn Romero    Apr 24, 2007  at  12:23 am

Love the lighting on the tomato. Hum…a good steak with a nice sliced tomato…

shawn    Apr 29, 2007  at  5:29 pm

thanks, james – 3 things i’ve found out in the process of making these studies: don’t be stingy with the paint; use bigger brushes than you’d normally gravitate toward; paint quickly. when i first started the studies, sometimes i’d even set a timer to keep me from getting too tight.
i like to use ‘matisse’ brand but i’ve seen a new brand – ‘chroma’ – that’s billed as interactive because it dries out very gradually, without that annoying pudding skin.

cara – really not much better than that, esp in the summer, is there? thanks!







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