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Jul 12, 2007 2 Comments

Uh oh – another Wyeth post.

Andy Wyeth turns 90 today – his work continues to inspire me.

That's me, a few years back, in front of Nightsleeper with Anna Christina -aka Christina Olson of Christina's World fame- looking on.

I snuck the photo above to show the difference between a work of art and the reproduction of the work, seen on the book jacket below-

If you'd only seen the book, would you imagine that the original would be so massive?

It's great to have works of art available to us in reproduction form (in books, postcards, posters and totebags) – they brighten the world and show us things we'd never see otherwise. (i make a point of taking trips to see art and still haven't seen most of the originals in the art books on my shelves.)

The downside is, the reproduction is not the whole experience – the works are made to be experienced in the flesh. (kinda like asking someone to describe a redwood tree or the Grand Canyon if they'd only seen it on tv or in a magazine)

the magic of great works is that they can have a presence entirely independent of their size – a small masterpiece can grab you from 2 galleries away in a museum, just as easily as a large piece might- and that's something that unfortunately gets lost when they're all reduced to fit in a book or a postcard rack.

Sister Wendy's done far more justice to topic than i can muster – if you haven't checked her Story of Painting DVDs out, they're dynamite. here's an intro to her.


josh    Jul 12, 2007  at  11:24 pm

You have a couple blog of posts now with illegal photos inside a museum. I’m calling the cops right as I write this

shawn    Jul 12, 2007  at  11:30 pm

guess i did say that, didn’t i? oops.







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