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May 06, 2011 5 Comments

l to r: Shawn Kenney, Matt Jennings. photo courtesy Dave Gilstein/Charlestown Gallery 

The 4x5ft tamworth painting above was installed this past fall at Farmstead, the ridiculously good cheese shop (along with La Laiterie Bistro) run by Matt & Kate Jennings on Providence's East Side.

Kate's a phenomenal baker & chef Matt's past 6 months included: pulling a trifecta in the Cochon555 by winning his third straight Boston competition; a nod in Food & Wine's '40 under 40 issue' and...oh yeah, he's a finalist for Best Chef - Northeast at the James Beard awards next week.

So...when the Prince o Porc sent me a message last spring reading "Interested in rotating, revolving art show in La Laiterie?"...well, round here, that's a "Wicked Good" fit. (Did I mention that Matt was at the White House to participate in the launch of “Chefs Move to Schools”, a program the First Lady created to pair chefs with schools in their communities?)

The offer prompted my most ambitious works to date. They're included on the site as part of this update...and my FB artist page has additional images of the install...but best yet, stop by for a glass of wine and some stinky cheese (if you're lucky, there still might have some 'Winnimere' by Jasper Hill Farm.)

What else is new?

The site's been simplified, amplified, unified - easy to see, everything right up top at yer fingertips, with a passel of about 50 new images for starters. Still need's a little finetuning here & there - lotta rust in the system - but i'm always happy to hear your thoughts.

The huge archive of food paintings will soon have a site of their own - - along with a much-needed reboot of the Will Paint for Food site.

There's a solo show this august and inclusion in Networks2011 - more on those later.

Last note - I'm tremendously fortunate for the support i received - both thru loved ones and very understanding galleries during the past 18 months. My mom's sudden passage in September 2009 took the wind out of my sails - and effectively closed the studio for about a year. I'd also like to thank both Scott Conary for his stellar work on the site reboot and a trusted crew of friends for time & energy spent field testing before this went live.




scott    May 07, 2011  at  10:35 pm

Shawn, I’m happy I could help in anyway I could.

Laura    May 08, 2011  at  3:00 am

Oh Shawn,
How lovely that you have retooled & resurfaced. Thanks so much for the info about your installation at Homestead. (Sounds like I have been blithely walking past a real jem, NOW I will step inside).
And I am touched by your honestly re: the effect of your mother’s passing. Glad you were honest with yourself and let time do what it so often has. (That first year is so unique. I had a good cry yesterday <and tears well now> considering what I would do “for” my mom tomorrow. I’ve decided on a letter and I think a stroll in the morning at India Point <she loved water> where I will take a moment and read it to her. <You will be in my thoughts too.>
Hope to cross paths soon.
You fan & friend,
ps (of course, greetings to that precious Miss Peg.)

Dave    May 16, 2011  at  4:17 pm

Great to see you back on the web!
Don’t know how you find the time to do all that you do…
As my Father-in-law says, “You do good work!!!”
Best of luck with all your new projects.

Jennifer Brown    May 22, 2011  at  1:46 pm

LOVE your pieces at Farmstead, but really love Tamworth. Is this beautiful piece available? Or, do you have any other pig pieces that are not at Farmstead?

Thank you

Shawn Kenney    Sep 02, 2011  at  9:10 pm

Laura - good to hear from you again! It’s been tough - thank you for sharing.

Thanks Dave! As you know from our time in the trenches, life’s too short - esp. when given an opportunity like this. Still pinching myself.

Hi Jennifer - thanks so much! Not sure Matt wants to part with that one, even if you have the wallspace at home : ) I’ve got 2 new smallish (12x12 & 16x20) pigs in the current Charlestown Gallery show - be happy to send you images directly.






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